mc34063(Vin, Vin_var, Vout, Iout_max, Vripple_pp, f, Vf, Vsat)

import datasheets.ic.smps.mc34063-1

Calculates the design parameters of MC34063 series switching regulators.

import datasheets.ic.smps.mc34063-1;
params = mc34063( 5V, // input voltage 10%, // input variation 15V, // output voltage 150mA, // max out current 100mV, // out ripple 100kHz, // frequency 0.4V, // diode voltage 0.5V // sw. sat. voltage ) r2 = params.ResRatio*10kOhm
VinNominal input voltage.
Vin_varInput voltage variation (e.g. 30% or 0.3).
VoutDesired output voltage.
Iout_maxMaximal output current. Use the maximal value you need.
Vripple_ppMaximum peak-to-peak ripple voltage allowed in the output.
fThe switching frequency (optional). If not given, the default is 100kHz.
VfForward voltage drop of the output rectifier (optional). If not given, 0.4V is used.
VsatSaturation voltage of the output switch (optional). If not given, 0.5V will be used for step-up, and 1.1V for step-down and invering configurations.
return valueAn object with Ipk_switch, Ct, Rsc, Lmin, Co and ResRatio parameters.

It implements the design process described in the datasheet. For the datasheet, see

The design parameters will be automatically selected based on the sign of the output voltage and the input/output voltage ratio. See the datasheet to determine the exact connection method.

The object returned will contain the peak current through switch (Ipk_switch), timing capacitor value (Ct), Rsc, minimal required inductance (Lmin), minimal output capacitance (Co), and the resistor divider ratio (ResRatio) equals to $\frac{R_2}{R_1}$.