batteryCapacityForDischargeTime1H(dischargeTime, loadCurrent, k)

import electronics.battery.dischargetime-1

Calculate the Peukert's capacity of a battery for a given discarge time with a constant load.

import electronics.battery.dischargetime-1;
batteryCapacityForDischargeTime1H( 10 hours, 100 mA )
dischargeTimethe desired discharge time.
loadCurrentload current.
kPeukerts constant. It depends on battery type. If not given 1.3 is assumed.
return valuethe Peukert's capacity of the needed battery.

NOTE: Peukert's capcaity is used only in very rare cases. Batteries usually specify 20 hour discharge rates. For more details, see batteryCapacityForDischargeTime.

For more details, see's_law,